Discover the treasures of the Mediterranean

Giosymar Ischia Charter takes you on a discover journey of the wonders of the Mediterranean: from the islands of the Gulf of Naples to the wild nature of the Pontine Islands of Latium and the breathtaking views of the Amalfi Coast.

Thanks to our experience, we will guarantee you a premium service that will satisfy both adventure lovers and those who like a carefree day of pure relaxation.

You will also be able to choose between the speed of the motorboats, for faster movements and the simplicity of the gozzo, for a more intimate and authentic experience.

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The islands of our Gulf

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The boat tour of the island of Ischia will allow you to enjoy the sea in complete relaxation among ravines, caves, bays and beaches colored by smooth pebbles, where even bathing is going to be a unique experience.

Discover the natural beauty and crystal clear waters that surround Capri going on a tour by sea aboard one of our motorboats.

Visit Procida, the smallest and wildest of the islands in the Gulf, aboard one of our boats: you will be fascinated by the colors and authenticity of a place where time seems to have stopped.

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The pearls of the Gulf

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Discover the charm and magic of the Sorrento Peninsula through our motorboat tour that will allow you to get to know unexplored places that can only be reached by sea.

Come and see the two jewels of the Amalfi Coast from a unique perspective: we will show you Amalfi and Positano no longer from land but by sea and you will enjoy a scenery of incomparable beauty.

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The Pontine Islands

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The tour of the coves around the island of Ventotene will allow you to see a landscape of unprecedented and wild beauty that will surely remain among your most precious memories for a long time.

Visit Ponza, one of the most fascinating places in the Pontine Archipelago, with a real mini cruise that will make you discover all its most hidden beauties.

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