Wild and unspoiled environment

The small island of Ventotene is a magical place rich in history, within a protected marine area. For the small streets of this island there is a relaxing atmosphere. Admiring Ventotene from the sea is a unique experience and you can swim in one of the most beautiful seas in the Mediterranean.

Duration of excursions

The tour lasts about 8 hours. The departure is at 10:00, while the return at 18:00.

Our boat

Motorboat (for 9/10 people)

A suggestive tour

During the boat trip to Ponza you can enjoy its sea, white cliffs, stacks and submerged caves. The famous “natural pools”, “The rock of the Turtle”, the “Caves of Pilate” (built by the Romans for the breeding of moray eels), “the cave of Ulysses” with its plays of light that illuminate the water, “Capo Bianco” (rocky white wall overlooking the sea) are just some of the natural beauties you can admire on this island. You can land at the port to visit the island also from the ground.

All you need

Optional on board: drinks, snacks, beach towels, stereo bluetooth, awning, indoor and outdoor shower, inside cabin with sitting area and bathroom with electric toilet, large aft and bow sundeck. Extra activities proposed: snorkeling (equipment on board), trawl fishing, alcoholic / non-alcoholic aperitif, restaurant reservations service.

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Ponza: it is the island to which Eugenio Montale dedicated some verses calling it a “paradise on earth”.

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